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Ken: “With a knack for design, composition and decisive moments, I quietly observe and anticipate what unfolds before me and position myself to capture what I envision. My dad was a creative person and the chronicler of our lives and I couldn't wait until I was old enough to be entrusted with his camera. Instead, he bought me a used Petri film camera when I was 14 years old to start me on my own visual journey. Thankfully, I inherited his creativity! I devoured photography, intuitively understanding the underlying concepts and refining my own unique way of viewing the world. A couple years later my mom helped me along my path by getting me my first pro camera. Suddenly I was living the Paul Simon dream -  shooting with a Nikon camera and Kodachrome film!  Shooting mostly for myself, I mixed in occasional weddings and other jobs over the years. Later I discovered that computers, Photoshop and design came almost as easily, and I taught these as well as practiced them. When one of my students approached me about working with her at her first wedding, I discovered a "perfect storm” of my photographic, computer and design skills merging into a new photography venture... and adventure!”

Amy: "I capture images that I find stunning and that feed my creative passions, and I look for clients that share that vision and passion and give me free reign to photograph according to my style. I first picked up a camera in a High School photography class and that created enough interest to get me enrolled in a Visual Communications class in college. I learned technology there while my minor in psychology helped me understand people. This, as you can imagine, helps immensely with my clients, family and my business partner! Ah, the family and married life, that beautiful detour and sabbatical that so many people take away from their creative dreams. Photographing my children turned up the heat under my sleeping dream, eventually bringing it to boil and demanding more than casual attention. People started noticing my family portraits and hiring me to capture special moments with their families. My love of fashion photography manifested in trying to create photographs outside the traditional portraiture box, looking for different angles and more dramatic lighting. I still had technical questions and needed help with Photoshop, but I found someone talented in those areas so I could focus on the more creative aspects. My creative approach landed me my first wedding assignment, and the guru became my business partner. The rest, as they say, is history."

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